Above-ground pools come in several sizes and shapes, and a variety of decorative wall patterns and decking options.  Choose from extruded aluminum, aluminum, or steel sidings.  All three types have various benefits, ranging from strong, long life- span and rust-resistance to average life-span.  We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each type. Important laws regarding safety must be considered before choosing your new pool. Specific regulations vary with each community, so be sure you are clear about Township restrictions.  By knowing where you can and can’t place your pool, you’ll be able to estimate the size pool your space can accomidate and know if you’ll need to include fencing and decking with your purchase. This will certainly simplify your decision process. Unlike most companies, we build our pools and we’ll arrange for the delivery of the materials needed for the pool construction!  We have over 44 years experience in the assembly and installation of our above ground pools and patio decks.  Our quality control is unsurpassed from beginning to completion. By providing fine quality products to compliment your pool you won’t be bewildered with a whole host of upgrades.  We package our pools with the premium products you'll need to care for your swimming pool.  From innovative, efficient and “eco-friendly filtration to low maintence, mild sanitizing, we’ve done the research for you. I f choosing and caring for a pool seems a little daunting.  Rest assured that we’ve taken steps to make your purchase and pool care easy and uncomplicated.   Both of our locations have many filled and working models that we maintain ourselves.  All of our sales staff have years of “hands on” experience  in caring for pools.  We use proven methods for maintaining our pools ensuring we are better informed to educate our customers.  We carry all of the products you’ll need as well as a computerized testing station to alleviate any guesswork in maintaining your pool.   Your success is our goal and we are here to help whenever the need arises.
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The Wilbar Group is one of the world’s leading brands for top-of-the-line above ground swimming pools and accessories, combining innovative technology and elegant designs with all the pools they make.
Offering quality and all-around excellence, Wilbar has grown to become North America’s benchmark for aboveground pools – your guarantee of years of enjoyment. These world-class swimming pools are computer-designed to ensure the quality, durability, and innovation that you would expect from the Wilbar Group. Your Wilbar Group pool can be enhanced through a wide array of accessories, including decks, pool fence, vinyl liners, and entrance systems.