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THE ROTATIONAL MOLDING OF HOT TUBS Rotational Molding for Functionality & Flexibility What is rotational molding and why is it an advantage for hot tubs? Rotomolding is the process in which powdered plastic is heated, gelled, and ultimately "spun" on two axes to assume the shape of whatever you wish. This high-tech process affords incredible functionality and flexibility. Virtually any shape can be created in conformity with required tolerances and specifications. The 360 degree turning motion of rotational molding ensures that plastic spreads uniformly across the mold. It is then allowed to cool and harden, thus guaranteeing the best hot tub structural consistency and integrity.
At the same time, the plastic compounds used in this process inherently maintain incredible beauty and resistance to impact abrasion and other elements. The resulting plastic products look and perform well for years.
Additionally, rotational molding allows us to create hot tubs that are more affordable due to the fact that most of the process of manufacturing the hot tub is automated. The hot tub shell, skirt and structure are all molded at one time and in one singular piece. What takes us an hour to manufacture, can take conventional hot tub manufacturers more than a day. Besides being functional, this process doesn't compromise flexibility. Shapes and colors are limited only by the creativity and interests of the people who design and ultimately use the products. Current vacuum forming processes have inherent color, shape, and response time limitations, which is why hot tub spa reviews are unanimous in calling rotational molding the best new possibility within the hottub industry.
Rotational Molding Technology has created the opportunity for superior quality spa's to be produced within everyone's budget.
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