Your Home Relaxation Specialists       Since 1968 2 ft RADIUS RECTANGLE The 2ft Radius Corner pool, with its classical lines and elegant rectangular shape, is a tribute to the art of fine living and will invite you to endless hours of free spirited swimming, luxurious sunbathing, and sumptuous entertaining. This pool features 2 ft. Radius corners and is the only pool with our walk-in stairs triple option widths. Traditional 6 or 8-foot wide stairs are available, as well as extra wide 12-foot built-in stairs located at the center position for lounging. 4 ft RADIUS RECTANGLE Create your own resort right in your own backyard with a Legacy 4 ft. Radius Rectangle. A masterpiece of contemporary design, this pool has graceful lines that fit into any landscape design. It's distinctive large radius corners give it a flowing elegance that rivals pools found at the finest private resorts. But you can have it right in your own backyard. You may select optional 8-foot wide walk in stairs. GRECIAN Pretend you're in the Mediterranean. The cloudless blue sky overhead. Inviting water at your side. The stunning shape of the Grecian series will fulfill all your poolside fantasies. Fluid lines beveled corners highlight the Grecian's contemporary design and suggest a luxurious installation with all the amenities of the good life. Due to its favorable design, Walk-in stair location is easily in triple option for both 6 or 8-foot widths.   12 ft. x 24 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed.    16 ft. x 32 ft.     16 ft. x 36 ft.     18 ft. x 36 ft.     20 ft. x 40 ft.     18 ft. x 43 ft. Lazy L - Left or Right     18 ft. x 24 ft. x 37 ft. 90°L - Left or Right     18 ft. x 26 ft. x 37 ft. 90°L - Left or Right     18 ft. x 28 ft. x 43 ft. 90°L - Left or Right Available Options:   16 ft. x 32 ft.     18 ft. x 36 ft.     20 ft. x 40 ft.     18 ft. x 43 ft.     Lazy L - Left or Right Available Options:           17 ft. x 33 ft.     17 ft. x 37 ft.     20 ft. x 36 ft.     20 ft. x 40 ft.     17 ft. x 39 ft. Lazy L - Left or Right     20 ft. x 44 ft. Lazy L - Left or Right Available Options: JEWEL With its distinctive shape, the elegant Jewel series will add royalty to any home. A true gem of a design, the Jewel has commodious proportions, georgeous enough to encourage even the most active swimmers. Our optional 8 foot wide stairway adds convenience and safety.   16 ft. x 28 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed.    16 ft. x 32 ft.     16 ft. x 36 ft.     18 ft. x 38 ft Available Options: KEYHOLE Radius or Rectangle? Now both can be achieved in the same in-ground pool. No longer is there indecision over which shape is best for family activity or backyard size. Round for the shallow end where playing is constant fun and rectangle for the deep end where more serious swimming is essential. It's a perfect fit for all types. A rare combination of nouveau surround unite with classic lines to form this most unique shape. Available Options:   16 ft. x 32 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed    18 ft. x 36 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed    20 ft. x 40 ft.   KIDNEY With it's meandering lines and unusual shape, the Kidney series makes a grand architectural statement. It glimmers with sophistication and is the ideal pool to add an air of elegance to your home. It's aesthetic artistry is backed up by engineering excelence, for it's unitized panel construction gives an exact matching radius to each section. Choose between 14-foot wide inside radius stairs or one piece wide 8' radius Step-N-Rest. All sizes available in Left or Right   15 ft. x 26 ft.* * Diving boards not allowed.    16 ft. x 30 ft.* * Diving boards not allowed.    16 ft. x 33 ft.     18 ft. x 36 ft.     20 ft. x 38 ft. Available Options: LAGOON With it's deeply scalloped bays and coves, create your own personal Caribbean coastline and get away everyday. The free-form Lagoon transports you to an exotic tropical vacation right in your own backyard. Formerly a popular custom pool, this now standard shape lets you transform your home into a beautiful waterfront property. You can specify options like inside radius 12-foot built-in stairs or 8-foot radius one-piece Step-N-Rest creating a pool that is uniquely yours. All sizes available Left or Right   16 ft. x 34 ft. x 25 ft.     18 ft. x 37 ft. x 29 ft.     20 ft. x 42 ft. 31 ft. Available Options: MOUNTAIN LAKE Imagine yourself in Switzerland. Or high in the Adirondacks. With the mountain Lake series you can transcend the limitations of your own terrain and create a lakeside retreat. You can specify the Mountain Lake series in a range of sizes and design it's contours to echo the curves of your landscape. With it's superb engineering, unparalleled construction, and natural look, the Mountain Lake pool will give you the pleasure of a lifetime. As well as specifying a size, you can specify options like inside radius 12-foot built-in stairs or 8-foot radius one-piece Step-N-Rest. All sizes available Standard or Reverse.   21 ft. x 32 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed.    21 ft. x 40 ft.     23 ft. x 37 ft.     23 ft. x 42 ft.     26 ft. x 40 ft.     24 ft. x 44 ft. Available Options: CUSTOM SHAPE If you can dream it, we can build it! Yes, we have a wide selection of shapes, but sometimes you want or need a shape that's really different. A pool that is completely customized to your particular corner of the world. Just let our Certified Pools Builder know. They love a challenge. Because of our modular configurations, sophisticated production capabilities and integrated systems, we can design and build almost any shape you want. In fact we thrive on challenge and love the opportunity to bring our expert capabilities to new design problems. Whether you want a lap pool to help you stay in shape , or a free flowing design that conforms to a difficult landscape, our Certified Builders can give you exactly what you want. MOUNTAIN POND The appealing in design Mountain Pond features the same curvaceous shape as the Mountain Lake except radii on each end of the pool is symmetrical. Each equal end radius increases as the width of the pool becomes larger. The 7’ radius is standard on the smaller size, 8’ radius on the middle size, 9’radius on the large and 10’ radius for the largest size. For perfect balance to your yard, choose the pleasing graceful look of this series. Its well-proportioned shape will add harmony to your landscape and deck surround. ROMAN END The Roman End is aptly named, for it's generous proportions and classical shape, it lends a bit of Italian romance to any property. The Roman End will become a striking focal point in your backyard and its sophisticated design will set the tone for your summer leisure time: an early morning swim perhaps, an afternoon sun, a poolside feast in the evening. Choose one-piece Tread-Loc steps or luxurious Radius 12-foot Built in stairs with an attached sweeping bench. OVAL A pool of grand dimensions, the true radius Oval issues an invitation to all serious swimmers, for it has plenty of room to go the distance. Its generous proportions are balanced by it's streamlined shape. Unitized radius panels, coupled with 2.35 ounce galvanized steel, make it's construction formidable and durable. Optional 8-foot wide one- piece Step-N-Rest provide safe and easy entry. PATIO No backyard is too small for a Legacy Pool. Our Patio series features an octagon design that conforms easily to small or odd-shaped spaces. Available in two sizes, the Patio pool is large enough to provide plenty of room for fun and swimming, and comes with a variety of attractive bottom designs. An 8-foot optional stairway provides easy entrance and exit. With it's compact size, you can tuck the Patio in almost any corner of your property for a summertime getaway.   18ft x 30ft* * Diving Boards Not Allowed    20ft x 34ft     22ft x 36ft     24ft x 40ft     All Available Left to Right Available Options:   16 ft. x 32 ft.     18 ft. x 36 ft. Available Options: Available Options:   21 ft. x 21 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed.    26 ft. x 26 ft.* *Diving boards not allowed.  Available Options: Available Options: Custom Size   16 ft. x 35 ft.     18 ft. x 39 ft.     20 ft. x 41 ft.     18 ft. 44 ft. Lazy L - Left or Right