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Style & Performance The engineering details of this pool make it one of our best sellers. Using an interlocking steel stabilizer at the top of the pool combined with a hardware-free 'Snap-In' resin bottom foot cover ensures a stronger, faster installation with superior stability.
Style & Strength The attractive appearance of this pool is enhanced with with rugged 7” steel top ledges. Plus the two-piece injected molded ledge cover and steel Krystal Kote® uprights combine superior design elements for superior long term performance.
Selection SIZE STYLE 12' ROUND 15' ROUND 18' ROUND 21' ROUND 24' ROUND 27' ROUND
SIZE STYLE 12' x 17' OVAL 12' x 24' OVAL 15' x 26' OVAL 15' x 30' OVAL 18' x 33' OVAL
Each of the pool components has been created using the latest in technological advances and color coordinated for beauty.  Coated bottom rails and plates plus eight different wall coatings are applied to the surface to protect against damaging environmental elements.  Choose the Summerfield strength and enhanced the beauty of your backyard.
Rugged 7” Coated Top Ledges Sturdy 2-piece resin ledge cover 5.5” Heavy Duty Uprights Coated Bottom Rails & Plates Decorative Designer foot cover